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Turning the tables on Melissa Ludwig

Posted on 03 July 2010 by John Frederick (1)

All of us who work at UTSA are accustomed to reading Melissa Ludwig’s byline in all the San Antonio Express-News articles about this university, as well as the other institutions of higher education here in San Antonio. (And many of us in the administration here have spent time in Melissa’s hot seat as sources for her articles, too.)

So it was a fun change of pace to see this article in The Alcalde, the alumni magazine of UT Austin (where she earned her master’s degree in journalism), about Melissa and her dual career as a higher education reporter and singer/songwriter. I have not had a chance to hear her band (for some reason, they never play at Olive Garden, Chachos, or The Pearl Inn, where the members of my family like to eat dinner!), but after seeing this article, I will have to consider changing my nighttime entertainment habits. Or perhaps we can get her to play an event on campus sometime….

Melissa Ludwig Band

Melissa Ludwig Band

Congratulations to Melissa and to the Melissa Ludwig Band on their forthcoming debut album. And thank you for your work in chronicling UTSA’s journey to become a premier research university.

One Response to “Turning the tables on Melissa Ludwig”

  1. Kris Maloney says:

    If you are interested in listening to the Melissa Ludwig Band there are a few videos on YouTube including this one…